SasuSaku FST: Shades of Blue

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Shades of Blue
A Sasuke Uchiha x Sakura Haruno Fan Soundtrack

front cover
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back cover

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This FST has a total of 12 tracks. There are four gernes: Instrumental, Acoustic, Pop, and Alternative Rock. The songs are a mix of English, Japanese, and Korean language. Lyrics and translations are provided in the description.

To download the entire album click here.

01)  Sakura Drops – Utada Hikaru
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Why do I keep getting done in by the same punch,
and yet still continue to fight?
I love you so much, so very much I can’t do anything about it.

|Full Lyric & Translation|

Sadness and pain are inseparable from love, but also drive you to be stronger. For those who believe in SasuSaku, they believe that Sakura’s love for Sasuke has been and always will be the base of her growth both in maturity and power. Sakura Drops by Utada Hikaru tell a similar story in a bittersweet yet hopeful melody. Moreover, the nostalgic ambience in this “music box version” of the song has made it my favorite to listen in the background while reading about SasuSaku bittersweet moments.

02)  Gee (Acoustic Version) – Younha / SNSD
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So bright, so bright, my eyes are blinded! No, no, no, no, no!
So surprised, surprised, I’m shocked! Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh!
So tingly, tingly, my body is trembling! Gee, gee, gee, gee, gee!
Oh your glittering eyes (oh, yeah!)
Oh this sweet aroma (oh yeah, yeah, yeah!)

|Full Lyric & Translation|

This Korean No. 1 Hit song talks about first love and first crush from a girl point of view exactly the way it is: silly, playful, and adorable. I can’t listen to this song without thinking about Sakura’s crush for Sasuke at the beginning of the series. Her crush will later develop into love, but at this point, her reactions are always fun and cute to watch. Younha’s acoustic cover of this song is my favorite, because of the jazzy feel and slower tempo that makes the melody stood out more.

03)  Unfold – Marie Digby
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I don’t wanna go on living,
Being so afraid of showing,
Someone else my imperfection.
Even though my feet are trembling,
Every word I say comes stumbling,
I will bare it all.
Watch me unfold!

|Full Lyric|

When I listen to this song, I always think of Sakura’s blooming moment in the Forest of Death. The turning point where she finally decided to forsaken her crush and become a true kunoichi. It is after this episode onward that I start to admire her character, realized that what she had for Sasuke was more than a crush, and start shipping SasuSaku altogether.

04)  Love Me – Yiruma
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“I… I love you with all my heart!
If you were to stay with me… there will be no regrets!
Because, everyday we’d do something fun. We’d be happy… I swear!
I would do anything for you! So please… just stay with me….”

I always feel that underneath this heartfelt monologue of Sakura, there is an underlying plea for Sasuke to return her love. She realized that her feelings for him might be selfish, but she still wants him to stay with her. If only Sasuke is willing to love her back then, and chose to stay with her, everything would have been different. This piano arrangement from Yiruma is sweet, growing more beautiful as the song progress, with a tint of sadness describe the feeling perfectly.

05)  Yubiwa – Maaya Sakamoto
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Please don’t go, please don’t go… Stay here.
|Full Lyric & Translation|

This is my favorite SasuSaku song, ever! I first discover this song the same time I am looking for Konjou Kumiai’s famous doujinshi about SasuSaku Good Bye scene. This song fits almost perfectly with the mood of the scene: tears, love, a desperate plea for the beloved not to leave, powerlessness, gratitude, and faith that in the future she will see that person again.

06)  Love Disease – Super Junior
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You followed me annoyingly, and took a deep breath
trying to catch me, who’s leaving you alone
I grabbed your shoulders tightly and loudly said “We’re through!”
That the farewell poison has already, without you knowing, spread in my heart

|Full Lyric| |Translation|

I was quite surprised when I found this song! The lyric fits Sasuke’s thoughts about Sakura almost perfectly. The hateful words were underlined with sad melody. It was as if he was saying, “Don’t love me anymore. I’m no good for you.” Because he was leaving, and therefore, he could not love her back.

07)  Wherever You Will Go – The Calling
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So lately, been wondering
Who will be there to take my place
When I’m gone you’ll need love
To light the shadows on your face…
If I could then I would
I’ll go wherever you will go

|Full Lyric|

This is another song that pretty much fits Sasuke’s point of view during his time away from Konoha. The lyric represents the thoughts that crossed his mind when he reminiscence about his hometown, and of course, about Sakura. Who would replace him in the team? Was she still crying for him? Should he not have his family massacred, he might have stayed with them.

08)  Shattered – Trading Yesterday
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And I’ve lost who I am
And I can’t understand
Why my heart is so broken
Rejecting your love

|Full Lyric|

This is the song that I comes to my mind when I think how Sasuke would feel regarding Sakura after he learned about the truth behind the Uchiha Massacre. He was at the point where he had chosen Konoha as his enemy, therefore, he had broken the ties to his past self. However, when he think about Sakura, I’d like to think that he still feels a hint of regret somewhere inside.

09)  Hybrid Rainbow – BUMP OF CHICKEN
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Yesterday the ship we hoped for came close but…
Even we, who weren’t chosen up till yesterday
Are waiting for tomorrow.

|Full Lyric & Translation|

More than being a song about Sasuke and Sakura, this is a song I want to dedicate for them. Hybrid Rainbow talks about lost chances and hoping for tomorrow. Both Sasuke and Sakura had lost their chances to be together, but yet, I don’t want them to give up. Moreover, I cannot listen to this song without thinking about that scene in the first Naruto movie where Sasuke lies on Sakura’s lap. I wish there will be another chance for something like that to happened again. Let’s all hope, ne?

10)  Waiting (Acoustic Version) – Dash Berlin feat. Emma Hewitt
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Till that day
I take you home
know that I’m waiting

|Full Lyric|

This is a song that fits Sakura’s thoughts about Sasuke after he left Konoha and her resolve to bring him home. Just like what we see when she was crying over the old Team 7 photo during the crescent moon night. In this acoustic version, Emma Hewitt’s voice is so haunting! Especially nearing the end, I found myself shuddering and overflowed with sympathy.

11)  My Hands – Leona Lewis
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When I think I’ll be okay,
I’m always wrong, because…
My hands don’t want to start again
my hands only agree to hold your hands
and they will not let me go.

|Full Lyric|

I think this is the perfect song to describe Sakura’s feelings day after day after Sasuke left. Her life continues without him. At first, she might force herself to function as if nothing happens, she became more independent. After a while, she was able to smile and talk about him. She might convince everyone including herself that she was okay, but that turned out to be wrong. She still loves him, even after all this time. Her heart is still unable to let him go, no matter what he’d become.

12)  Dearly Beloved – Yoko Shimomura
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Walking this road without you
To remake forgotten promises
and meets you at road’s end…

Famous for being the title tracks of one of the most highly franchised video game series Kingdom Hearts, Dearly Beloved is more than just a string of repeating pretty melody. This is a bittersweet song about lost friends, lost love, a nostalgic past, and a faithful journey to search for them in hope to regain them all. Even though this song doesn’t directly pinpoints to SasuSaku, it fits perfectly with how Sakura and Naruto felt during their search for Sasuke.


Note: This is my entry for a fan soundtrack contest held by the SasuSaku Fan Club in Narutofan forum.

Why “Shades of Blue”? Not just because blue is my favorite color, but blue is often used to represent a lot of moods that fits this pairing.

01. Blue is the color of the sky, which fits my favorite quote for this pairing: “As long as we are living under the same sky… silently… strongly… for that day, I wait.”

02. Blue represents sadness. Which is the ever present mood we get from this pairing. SasuSaku is 80% bittersweet and angst, which is really beautiful in my opinion. (The other 20% is a mix of fluff and smex, with the later having the bigger portion, but let’s not go there, ne? eheheh)

03. Blue is the color of the calm ocean waves. It represent subtlety and patience. Which is stronger: the waves or the rocks? At first, the rocks might seem stronger, but you see that over time the constant pounding waves will make the rock yields. This pairing is all about small hints and long waiting.

I can go on and on. XD but let’s just stop at three. For now, please enjoy the playlist I have carefully picked for my most favorite pairing in the universe. Enjoy~!


Long-distance ship

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A note in FB from a friend of mine makes me think. This is what she wrote:

Why does a friendship ends?
Sometimes we think, “ah… she might be busy”
in the end, we didn’t call our friend.

Sometimes, we are afraid to disturb, and eventually will become indifferent about it.

And more often than not, we will start to think, “why am I the one who should call her? Why can’t she call me first?”

This is where the love in our friendship weakens, and in the end we forget about everything we’ve shared.

Communication is very important in maintaining relationship between friends, family, and God. That is my reason for sending you this note. As a prove that I have never forgotten about you :).

What do you think? Is it true?

This is my opinion about this topic:

It is unfair, to blame ‘lost of communication’ for ending a friendship (or all kinds of relationship at that matters).

Communication is, indeed, important. However, it’s not the frequency that counts. Rather, it’s the feelings involved in the talk when you *finally* gets in contact, and the feelings that remains during the time you are apart.

Long-distance friendship (or all kinds of relationship) with very few contacts does works. This is especially proven during the time of war (forget about seeing each other, letters got lost more often than it comes).

The most important thing in a relationship is not communication. It’s respect, trust, and sincerity. You respect your partner to have her own life. You trust that she still wants to be your friend, and wouldn’t want to do anything harmful to you. You sincerely want to be her friend with all you have. Even when you seem to get nothing in return. Even when you both has changed so much you don’t seem to know each other anymore.

But that doesn’t mean that you don’t have to communicate at all. Afterall, all those feelings will be nothing if you don’t see/talk with each other in the end. In those time when your life has finally slow down a little, when you can’t help but briefly reminiscence of those happy times with your friend, never hesitate to do something about it. It doesn’t have to be a phone call. It doesn’t have to be a letter. A text. A “Hi!”. and a simple “I miss you” or “I hope you are well” is enough.

Indeed, it is hard to find a person, with that have those kind of feelings. That is why a lot of long-distance relationship fell apart. But when you *do* find that person, always have respect, trust, and sincerity ready on your sleeve. Because, in the end, the one who makes the decision to end it is yourself. You alone.

Don’t let it happen.

Let’s all treasure this feeling of wanting to be friends, k? ^^

~Asha, out!

SasuSaku: Under the Same Sky

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Lovely SasuSaku Banner

SasuSaku: under the same sky

SasuSaku: under the same sky

[Fanfiction] Fleeting Moments: Lies

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Sasusaku drabble is on it’s way! Yippie!

Title: Fleeting Moments
Series: Naruto
Pairing: SasuSaku
Summary: Anything could happen in a single fleeting moment.
Theme 01: Lies

“Truth is beautiful, without doubt; but so are lies.” – R. W. Emerson

#1 “I hate You”
The first time she said the words to him, they were quiet and shaky. Her body shook with agonizing emotions while clutching Naruto’s unmoving body to her chest. Inside, her heart was screaming. Tears were blurring her vision, drenching her cheeks, falling to the dark red pool that colored the earth.

Rising her sea-green eyes to meet his empty black orbs, she repeated.

“I hate you.”

They were stronger, firmer, and unwavering.

But the little fragment that she locked deep in her heart whispered that no matter how many times she repeated the words, it can never be the truth.

#2 “It’s cold out here.”
Delicious shiver slithered down Sakura’s body as something cool and silky met the bare skin of her shoulders. Sasuke’s black coat had somehow landed on her. Blinking confusedly, the pink head turned towards the man who was walking by her side. However, she was unable to see his face because he had quickly looked away.


“It’s cold. You’ll freeze,” he replied curtly, still looking away.

Sakura closed her eyes and inhaled deeply. His scent of storm and fire filled her senses. A knowing smile slowly bloomed on her polished lips.

Maybe Sasuke liked her little black dress after all.

#3 “I’m not feeling well.”
“Does it still hurt?” her eyes peered up to him. Her hand that was emitting green chakra hovered a few centimeters above the recently disappeared gash on his stomach.

Looking down upon the crown of her cotton pink hair, Sasuke allowed himself a few seconds before replying with a “Hn.”

“Still hurt, doesn’t it?” she frowned, pouting subconsciously. Attentively, she returned her focus back on his invisible wound.

Leaning further against the shady tree, while trying to ignore Naruto’s loud gloating, with Sakura by his side, Uchiha Sasuke continued to pretend.

The wound had stopped hurting since ten minutes ago.

to be continued (7 more lies to go…)

comments are welcomed!

hiatus note

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I know I haven’t been active, but my creativity is blocked out at the moment… Lack of inspiration and a big bold capitalized LAZINESS. heheh

anyway, I found a cute sig image from SasuSaku FC in Narutofan:

from deviantart]


BBW spree!

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Ok. I’m positively and totally addicted to bath and body works.

The culprit of my addiction is this super cute online engine in BBW official site. The engine enable you to search the fragrance that fits your personality by selecting the things you like. And it’s surprisingly accurate! Out of 6 the engine suggested, I already own two of them (and I like them very much).

Discover Your Fragrance!

I decided to just go ahead and bought two new fragrances. One “Rainkissed Leaves” which has a clean and fresh scent of rain. The other one is “Butterfly Flowers” which has a light floral with a hint of jasmine. I’m loving them. They both are not strong and have a light clean scent. The alcohol is a bit too strong at first, but from my experience it will settle down 30 min after the spray. Also, the longer you kept the bottle, the alcohol will evaporates which is a good thing.

I bought them when hunting for BBW in eBay s’pore. Because there is no BBW shops outside US and Canada. 😦 so saaad. So, I found myself an online shop that looks genuine and has a very good reputation on eBay. Lucky! My seller is very kind, quick, and helpful.

Now I am already thinking about buying some others. I haven’t even used those two, yet! God, save me!

Happy B’day, Sasuke-kun!

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July 23rd means it’s Uchiha Sasuke’s birthday!

Happy b’day to my fav Emo Prince ^^ heheheh. Have a piece of Sakura-chan, just from me! ;p

Honestly I don’t remember since when did I start liking Sasuke. He used to be just another hot smexy anime characters. But then I started reading the fanfictions, and searching for fanarts, doujinshi, and then ogling after cosplay pictures… Before I know it, I fell in love!

Actually, what make me like him is the prospect of Sasuke being with Sakura. Did I mention how much I love this pairing? If you asked me why, I don’t even know where to begin. They compliments each other, and the “good bye” scene is still my most heartbreaking moment in the entire series! And there was the prospect of their bright future together. Sasuke deserved to be loved, and I just want Sakura (my fav female character, because a girl who can punch a creater into the ground rocks! ) to be happy. And don’t let me start talking about the earth shattering orgasmic awsomeness of their smex! Hahaha (yeah, I’m a closet pervert).

So, once again,

Happy B’day Sasuke-kun!